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Kombucha Brewing Starter Kit without SCOBY

Kombucha Brewing Starter Kit without SCOBY

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This has everything from our main Kombucha Starter Kit, but does not include a SCOBY. Perfect for customers with an existing SCOBY that is working great for them already!

Kombucha Kit Includes

  • Kombucha Artisan Specialty Tea Mix, by Nelson's Tea
  • 1/2 Gallon Glass Fermenting Jar with Lid
  • Reusable Un-Bleached Cotton Cover with Rubber Band
  • Stainless Steel Steeping Ball for Your Specialty Tea Mix
  • Stick-on Liquid Crystal Thermometer
  • Custom Kombucha pH Test Strips
  • Plastic Pipette for Taking Samples
  • Instruction Booklet with Step by Step Illustrations & Special Flavoring Recipes


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